Liandris Group

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Brief Page Summary:
Imports of greek olives by Liandris Group, a greek export company that is activated in the exports of greek traditional products-foods such as olives, olive oil, vinegar, lemon dressing, etc.
Liandris Group was established in 2000 by executives with 40year old experience in in FMCG.
Basic principle of the company is the creation and distribution of high quality products according to customer needs.
Traditional Products of the Greek landscape, deriving from the olive tree, such as olive oil and olives, are the core business of Group Liandris. Specifically in table olives, a full range of innovatively packaged products has been successfully launched in the global market, covering all customer needs of olive types and sizes. The next step lies ahead and includes the launch of the olive oil line, including P.D.O olive oil, extra virgin and BIO, all according to the corporate philosophy.
Group Liandris addresses to retail and wholesaling customers, as well as producing under private label and exports to clients all over the world.
Finally, the company is accredited with ISO-9000 and HACCP Quality Certificates.