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Brief Page Summary:
Liandris Group sells and exports greek traditional foods and products. It is is one of tha major greek traditional foods distributors in greek foods (olives, olive oil, vinegar, lemon dressing), buy wholesale and retail greek licensed products-foods.
Liandris Group offers all varieties of best quality Greek olives:
  • black
  • kalamata
  • wrinkled
  • green
  • cracked
  • confites
of all sizes as are specified by the international metric systems of number of pieces per kilo, as shown below:

Available Sizes
Pieces   (per Kg.) Name   (Category per size)
71-90 Heroes
91-100 Super Mammouth
101-110 Mammouth
111-120 Super Colossal
121-140 Colossal
141-160 Giants
161-180 Extra Jumbo
181-200 Jumbo
201-230 Extra Large
231-260 Large
261-290 Superior
291-320 Brilliant
321-350 Fine
351-380 Bullets

The assortment of our products includes:
  • Whole naturally ripened olives
  • Pitted olives
  • Olives chopped in round slices
  • Stuffed olives
  • Olive paste
All according to the specifications requested by our customers.

Our standard packaging range consists of tin or plastic easy to use containers of all sizes, designed especially for catering purposes and also of small packaging specializing to the retail market.
We may accommodate also Private label clients who are able to have their products packed in our standard containers under their own label and in their own language. Our containers are according to EU Safety Standards and are designed especially to provide benefits for the end user and to be innovative.
All containers are packaged into euro pallets, wrapped with shrink film according to specifications, so that can be transferred safely to our customers throughout Greece and in the whole world.
In the following sections our most innovative containers are thoroughly presented.

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  • Olives in Zip
  • Olives in Traditional Tins
  • Olives CONFITES in Tin
  • Olives in PET Bottle
  • Olives in Plastic Containers
  • Olive Paste
  • Lemon Dressing & Vinegar